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You get to dream…

…I translate. My best clients are those who have spent some time envisioning their ideal room. But, it doesn’t matter if their vision is just a vague notion or crystal clear. My most important job, as I see it, is to listen to your ideas, detect themes in your preferences and understand the functional needs for your space. No idea you bring is too crazy. A modest budget is no hindrance to getting a finished space that speaks to you. I see details as well as the big picture. Using my knowledge of industry standards as well as latest trends, I help you bridge the gap between all of your “wants and must-haves” and the reality of a perfect and timeless room that works.

You get to enjoy the process.

A great design is just the beginning. From concept to completion, I help you make decisions. I help you think about how your space works with the adjoining rooms; I will go tile shopping, go to the stone yard and help you select materials, help you shop for kitchen or bathroom fixtures and obtain bids—all at no extra charge. I’ll work collaboratively with your builder—to help lay out the space for plumbing and electric, to inspect your cabinetry when it’s delivered and even to provide installation services, if required.


You get to love the result.

I use materials that I would put in my own home in terms of quality, longevity and value, and I use outstanding local craftsmen who are licensed and insured. Working with me, you will find the right combination of layout, colors, materials and textures that will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your home. The result I aim for is nothing short of a space that inspires you today and for years to come. And because nothing destroys the joy of a beautiful finished project more than an overage bill, I keep the fees for my services transparent so there are no surprises in the end.


If you like the sound of this, let’s talk! Contact me today to request a free, no-obligation design consultation. You’ll walk away with valuable information that will help you move your project forward.

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